Well hello there may I first say thank you for taking a look at my page. Within my blog page I’ll be including  fashion , experiences , music and even tips to things whilst going through life.

Well who are you ?

I’m simply me . I’m 16 ambitious and am still on the journey of finding who I really am . Whilst following me on my page you’ll be joining me within my quest to find who I am . Some of the things I do know about myself that won’t change are :

My name is Gabriella , I’m a dancer and I’ve been dancing since the age of two, I have an amazing big sister who can also be known as mommy rosebuds (be sure to check her out) and I aspire to be a physiotherapist specialising in children , dance and sports.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and enjoy all the blogs I put up . For anything else drop a question in the comment box and I’ll surely answer it and follow me x

Till then I’m Ella.X and I hope you’ve enjoyed.

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It’s a long road to a Peaceful Paradise

Devils Apprentice

I refuse to hold back to a bitch like you. You act like a sister to me while all along you were toiling with the love of my life . One thing I can say is your a smart fucking bitch because you knew I always would believe it was his fault. “Why do girls always fight the girls they should be mad at the boy ” I said repeatedly to you for years and years. Not until now I noticed the slut always runs around taking her girls in her sister hoods lovers. My message to you is that I am okay , I know your leaders been trying to get to me for a while but just know God has me and no evil shall prosper against me . So you may try and take him from me just remember God has me and will soon have him and he was mine first and all it is about you is your body but me its my heart . No artificial pieces to me , just the one up above called GOD.

Lord please save him for me , do this one favour for me.

You taught me how to love whilst I was in your trap. You made me believe everything was fine , no adulatory , no pressure. Just me and you in our own little wonderland. In your trap I was blind until the day you forgot to lock the gate and I escaped and saw the real you . Day by day , I received more pain in your game . But let’s be honest it was the bitch with a twitch who lets just say she was a witch. A trap within a trap. My supposed friend had you in her trap whilst knowing I loved you . But you knew you were in a trap and had the key to escape but you decided to stay , like a dog being told by it’s master “Don’t move”. And I’m not going to lie I still love you , I just wish you could tell me the truth and we could talk this out but if she’s here there’s no us, no love, no trust. Just the devils apprentice.

I’m talking to the girl in the mirror.

Now to you , let’s talk. Time getting hard everyone in your families sick from the Adults to the eggs in ovaries. Stop feeling like there’s no one for you , God has blessed you with wonderful friends who are there for you. He loves you he’s just needs to be recovered from the Lord . Let the Devils apprentice drop , cut her off like she’s a split end. Never needed her and you never will. Know that no evil shall prosper against you . As your name states you are the champion of God , believe in yourself and you will achieve.


** It’s a long road to peaceful paradise is based on many things such as experiences of my own and other experiences I know of put together.**



If your from London your bound to know our summer has a lot of moments where it feels like where in Autumn (Fall). In this OOTD blog I’ll be showing you a basic Summer/Autumn look.

I’m accomplished this outfit by using a basic cami top from H and M, an oversized shirt from a vintage store and a pair of skinny regular waist ankle jeans from H and M , and a pair of Adidas Gazzels. To finish of this style and give it the Autumn but summer vibe I buttoned the first button on the shirt and left the others open. I also rolled the sleeves up to show that it’s still summer and we do have some sun .


Basic Cami – Any plain casual black vest type of top will be perfect as you’ll have a shirt over it . Also unitards can also be good alternatives as they are much more easier to tuck in to a pair of jeans .

Oversized Shirt- Any type of oversized shirt with a flannel type material to it will be perfect as it can still keep you warm if you get cold. A good idea is to find a shirt from Dad, Uncle or brother and use it . Note to self: Make sure the shirt is at least 2 sizes bigger to give the shirt the oversized effect.

Skinny regular waist jeans- Any pair of light blue jean skinny jeans will do well. New look , forever 21 , H and M , Bershka and Topshop always have this type so you’ll have a back up .

Adidas Gazelles – A pair of Black with white converses can do the similar look . Also a pair of black vans with white laces can also do the trick . Another thing is that another pair of shoes that can do a similar job are the Nike SB’s.